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Banking Services

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We combine our professionalism and expertise to deliver a personalized banking experience with simple yet convenient products that meet your financial needs.

Wire Transfers

A fast and safe way to move funds throughout the United States and international locations, done easily by initiating a wire transfer in person, online, by fax or telephone.

MasterCard Debit Card

When you open a Oberbank AG checking account, you will get a Debit MasterCard upon your request. This debit card provides instant access to the funds in your checking account. It gives you the convenience of a credit card, but the money to cover your purchases comes directly from the checking account.

Safe Deposit Box

A smart and safe place to store your valuables; from jewelry and rare coins to important documents such as titles, deeds and insurance policies, as well as your critical computer backup discs. We offer various sizes of Safe Deposit Box for you to access while doing your regular banking business.


Access your funds 24/7 at locations worldwide. Some restrictions may apply.


Your account information is just a phone call away. Just dial to review your account balance and your recent transactions, at any time and from anywhere. Your account can only be accessed by a combination of access codes. So, assign a unique password to protect your information.

For more information about our services, please visit our branch and speak with our representative or call .