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Treasury Management

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With the presence of experienced and knowledgeable banking professionals, combined with the use of advanced technology, we are able to help you capitalize on your liquid assets and manage the cash flow of your business. Our treasury management services are sophisticatedly designed for those who operate business locally, nationwide or even worldwide. 


Our Automated Clearing House (“ACH”) service allows you to
Simplify the way you transfer vendor payments, employee compensation, federal and state tax payments and other transactions into recipient accounts. Our Automated Clearing House (“ACH”) allows you to quickly and easily prepare batches or transactions to electronically send or receive payments.

Remote Deposit

It’s just like having a bank in your office. With Remote Deposit, you no longer need to drive to the bank to make a deposit. Simply capture images of checks, money orders or cashier’s checks electronically through our easy-to-use, secure website. 

Positive Pay

Quickly identify fraud and mitigate the risk with Positive Pay, a service that compares checks presented for payment against an issued check file you submit to the Bank. We provide an analysis and comparison of the check amount, check number and issue date before informing you whether a check is potentially fraudulent.

Lockbox Services

We streamline the remittance process for businesses that receive payments by mail. The Bank will collect payments, which are sent to a post office box, several times a day and directly deposit the payments into your accounts. This service provides timely payment receipt reporting, with a convenient access to electronic and paper remittance images online to update your receivables or research customer questions.

Web-based Wire Transfer

It’s an evolution to the traditional wire transfer service. This innovative, Web-based Wire Transfer provides you with great flexibility to transfer funds from any location across the world with a secure online connection.